Insurance Ombudsman Portal

Welcome to the Insurance Ombudsman Portal.
This is a single port of entry for all insurance complaints.
You may lodge a complaint regarding long-term (life) or short-term (non-life) insurance here.
If you are not sure whether your insurance complaint is life or non-life, click on the “Not Sure” icon below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between long term (life) insurance and short term (non-life) insurance?

Short term insurance (non-life) provides cover for vehicles, property, home contents, medical/gap, travel, business or personal liability. Long term insurance (life) provides cover in the event of death, funeral, disability, critical illness or credit life.

Do I pay a fee when complaining to the Insurance Ombudsman?

No the services of the Ombudsman are free to the public.

Must my complaint be in writing?

You can complain in writing but we also provide a telephonic or walk-in service

Can I lodge my complaint in my own language?

Yes you may lodge a complaint in any of the official languages.

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